How To Fix Uncomfortable Car Seats?

Everyone owns a car these days and they spend most of their time driving it as well. However, most of the car seats are either uncomfortable or not exactly personalized to give you the proper driving posture. This becomes a huge problem because you sit in that uncomfortable position for a really long time and it causes you to have back pain and other such problems.

In fact, you start avoiding long car trips just because the whole experience of sitting in your car is so uncomfortable that you avoid sitting in your car for a long time as much as possible. Obviously, every problem has a solution.

You can fix uncomfortable car seats easily. Several adjustments that have been listed here will help you to not only fix your seat but also attain the best sitting posture.

uncomfortable car seats

How do to fix your upper body posture?

Make sure you sit exactly on your seat till the back and the headrest is positioned exactly where your head is. It should not force your head forward. Do not remove the headrest though as it can cause severe damages in case of an accident.

Make sure that back support for car seat is placed exactly on the curvature of your spine. Wear the seat belt properly over your pelvic bones and not your stomach.

Adjust the seat to fix your bottom posture

Your legs should be positioned in such a way that your knees bend slightly such that it is comfortable. They should not bend a little too much or stretch without bending at all as it is uncomfortable. To attain this position, just adjust the seat by positioning it back and forward until the favorable posture has been achieved.

fix your bottom posture

You should also make sure that your hips stay at almost the same level as your knees as it will make car seat more comfortable. This can be achieved by either adjusting the height of your seat if possible or by using cushions wherever required. Your seat also gives you the adjustment to recline it whatever you want.

You should recline it only as much as is comfortable and not more than that. Not reclining it all will also cause strain on your back.

Following all these instructions properly should help you improve comfort of car seats and make your driving experience better.