A Look At Reasons That Cause Backfire In A Car

backfiring of engines

Purchasing and having a car is a luxury of all sorts but it comes with its own set of responsibilities and hassles. One common condition occurs – problems with the combustion of the car engine that causes a car to backfire.

This backfire is associated with a huge sound and a burst of flames that eject out of the engine exhaust. The engine that faces the problem of backfire is directly related to a huge loss of fuel and grave mutilation to the mechanics of the engine.

Reasons That Attribute To Engine Backfire:

The following are the list of reasons that can be a significant contributor to the backfiring of engines:

Engine Problems Faced By Old Engines

If a person possesses a car that belongs to yesteryears, there is a high probability that the conditions and mechanical arrangements might cause the car to backfire.

The older systems are not controlled by computers and need constant up tuning. Older cars that contain spark plug wires in them are more at risk as it might cause backfire in a car, due to wrong installation or crossing of wires.

Fuel Mixture Having Large Quantity Of Air

The air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder must contain air in the right proportion, as the presence of too much air and lesser quantity of fuel will render the mixture incapable of igniting the fuel. The fuel vapours of the leftover mixture stream through the exhaust and leads to combustion which causes backfire.

backfire in a car


Extremely Rich Mixture Of Fuel

As a lean mixture of air and fuel is responsible for backfire, so is a mixture that has an abundant quantity of fuel. In case of huge quantities of fuel, the spark becomes unable to burn the whole mixture, leaving behind some of the fuel which leads to the vapours of gasoline entering the exhaust and causes an engine to backfire through the exhaust. Absence of enough amounts of oxygen and leakage in the fuel injectors are primary reasons for this backfire.

Timing Of The Engine Is Not Right

When the combustion takes place outside the combustion cylinders of the engine, it causes the engine to backfire. The air and fuel, within each cylinder, must be mixed in a proportionate ratio at the right time. This creates an ignition in the mixture caused by a spark, which powers up the vehicle. In case the spark is not timed correctly, it leads to leftover fuel getting mixed with the air outside causing the engine to backfire.

The above list of reason that makes a car backfire should be dealt with very carefully and avoided at all costs in order to prevent any losses to the engine and quantity of fuel.